Saturday, May 7, 2011

Connection refused(public key,password authentication,keyboard interactive)

This error comes when you are trying to login to a machine using ssh or telnet

This may be due to

1)the password you provide may be wrong

2)next chance may be the user account you are using to login to a remote machine can be locked.

for example:ssh karthik@

this may throw this error
 In this case the karthik account in can be locked.

This can be found out by checking /etc/shadow file in .The karthik account in /etc/shadow file
can be mentioned with *LK* showing it is locked.

extracting .cpio file


cat cpio_file | cpio -idmv
use this to extract .cpio file

This works fine.

configuring ssh in Ethernet Switch

Before configuring ssh module in Ethernet switch make sure that ssh modue is installed.

To check ssh module is installed :

show management

this command shows all the module installed in the Ethernet switch  :
if you find the ssh module not installed.Install it before configuring ssh.

After installing  exsshd module,do the following steps:

1)configure ssh2 keys
this is to generate the ssh2 keys

2)enable ssh2
this is to enable the ssh2 module in Ethernet switch.

3)show configuration exsshd 
This will show the configuration of ssh module installed in Ethernet switch.