Friday, April 22, 2011


Just put ftp [ IP-addressess or host-name ]

for example:

Once it is a valid IP-address ,it will ask for username and password for that particular IP-address.

Once it is authenticated ,it will return  User logged in and a  ftp> prompt

If the IP address is not valid ,it will return  User not logged in

Once you are logged in
you either

you can either get a file from any location in logged IP by using cd command to move into the particular directory.But in this case file can be copied into current directory where you tried for ftp.

ftp>cd /karthik
ftp> ls
df  fg   gg  dd  ff
ftp>get df

but to put  a file you can transfer it only from the current directory of your local IP where you tried for ftp.
Nevertheless the file can be copied to any location in the remote IP

ftp>cd /karthik
ftp> put sample.txt
sample.txt  df  fg  gg  dd  ff

To use it for a entire directory you can use mget and mput in the place of  get and put.

in case of mget it will ask for confirmation for each file

To avoid that you can use:

ftp -i  ip-address

this switches off the interactive mode

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