Sunday, May 29, 2011

removing newline character in shell and perl

 To my knowledge there are two ways to remove "\n" in shell:

1)using formatted printing in awk
2)using truncate(tr) option in shell

This can be further clarified by the below example:

acer@ubuntu:~$ echo "hello"
acer@ubuntu:~$ echo "hello" | awk '{printf ("%s",$1) }'
helloacer@ubuntu:~$ echo "hello" | tr -d "\n"

As you may see in the first case there is a default "\n" with echo
But in the second and third case it is removed using the above said methods.

In perl to remove the "\n" we have a separate function chomp:

The way to use the function in perl is

acer@ubuntu:~$ cat
print "$dd";
acer@ubuntu:~$ perl

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